Magic March

Magic March – The Great Golden Envelope Giveaway

When you spend £40 or more during March 2019, we will give you a gold envelope to open on your next visit – you can win food and drinks on us, bottles of wine, cream teas, vouchers and more, even a Sunday lunch for 4!

How it works:

There are 200 golden envelopes, each containing two prizes.  Customers spending £40 or more during March will be given a gold envelope when they pay their bill.  The envelope will be sealed and must not be opened until the next visit. 

Each envelope contains a choice of two prizes – one which the customer can use on their return visit, and another for the customer to use on a third visit. Customers choose just one of the prizes.


When you open the envelope on your return visit, you will have won one of the following:

Drinks on us (1 free drink per main course purchased, up to a maximum of 4, selected drinks only)
Desserts on us (1 dessert per main course purchased, up to a maximum of 6)
A variety of good quality bottles of red, white, rose and sparkling wines
Your bill waived up to a maximum of £50

It’s then up you whether you choose to take that prize, or instead, choose to take a prize for a future visit – these could be one of the prizes below:

A bottle of Champagne
Steak for 2
Fish & Chips for 2
Cream Tea for 2
Afternoon Tea for 2 at The Red House, Marsh Benham
Free Birthday Cake with a party of 10 or more
2 Children’s meals
£10 voucher
£50 voucher
£75 voucher
Sunday Lunch for 4

Terms & Conditions

Gold envelopes will be issued during March 2019, to customers spending £40 or more,  for use on a return visit. They cannot be used on the day of issue.

Each envelope contains two offers – one which can be used on the day of your return visit and one that can be used on a future visit – customers may choose just one option.

Return visit offers are valid until 31/5/19

Future visit offers are valid until 30/11/19

The seal on the envelope must be intact when presented on the return visit, and must be opened on arrival with a member of staff present. 

Envelopes opened prior to the return visit will be deemed void. 

No cash alternatives will be offered.

Where the prize is a voucher with a monetary value, no change will be given if the total bill does not reach the face value of the voucher.

Offers contained in the envelope cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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